Encounters - Sacred Sounds: Creator, Christianity, and Finding Paths Forward

Encounters is an accessible music and discussion experience designed as a chance for engagement with some of Canada’s most interesting musicians, composers, and artists.


Thu, December 01, 2022

8:00 PM – 9:30 PM EST


Heliconian Club

35 Hazelton Ave

Toronto, ON M5R 2E3



Curated by Rena Roussin, this program draws on music and meditative readings from Christian and Indigenous spiritual traditions. By bringing these faith systems into dialogue, our intention is to allow our concert to contain and contemplate numerous contradictions. We acknowledge the reality that the Christian Church has caused irreparable and profound harm to Indigenous peoples and communities, while also acknowledging that numerous Indigenous people practice the Christian faith and have found joy and meaning in its music and teachings. At the same time, we celebrate Indigenous spiritualities, Creator, and matriarchal spiritual practice through song and word. By also including music that thinks about space and place, we strive to point to land and more-than-human relations as spiritual entities. In bringing all of these practices together, our intention is to honour the diverse and multifaceted roles that faith can play in our lives and in society, while also considering histories of harm and how we might move forward in a spirit of healing, grace, and compassion.